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Three-dimensional assimilative ionospheric model

Ionospheric research at this stage of development has both fundamental and practical importance. The ability to accurately identify and predict the state of the ionosphere is of a great importance in satellite navigation, radar and radio issues. The spatial distributions of ions and electrons, as well as their velocities and temperatures are ones of the most important ionosphere state parameters.

The processes occurring in the ionosphere are complex and non-linear. The distribution of charged particles, their velocities and trajectories, are the result of a large number of external factors, such as solar activity, the movement of the neutral atmosphere and the geomagnetic situation. All of them are regularly changing and it complicates the precise mathematical description of ionospheric processes.

Mathematical model of the ionosphere, which aims to contribute to high-precision practical applications, should assimilate operational information about current ionospheric state and external parameters. Implementation of modern data assimilation methods together with first-principle ionospheric model allows nowcasting and short-term forecasting of ionospheric conditions.

Our website contains information about three-dimensional assimilative ionospheric model, developed and maintained at Central Aerological Observatory. The English version this resource is now being under construction and we apologize for possible inconvenience. Nevertheless, the data page, containing sample model results, is easy to navigate.